My work is the physical manifestation of my internal creative impulse. Every piece of glass is an expression of my creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated for their beauty and emotive power.



Of all the materials man has created, I feel it is only glass that can compete with the beauties found in nature. I have an insatiable appetite to explore the exciting medium of glass, to create expressive objects of beauty that are uniquely designed and completely made by my hands.


Always focused on skilfully producing, superior quality, dynamic shapes, exciting interiors and captivating surfaces. In this I am hopefully setting new standards whilst preserving old traditions.


Glass to me is the most captivating material to look at to and work with. If you are being true to the material, then you find much inspiration will come from the glass itself. I try to exploit the inherent qualities of transparency and fluidity whilst letting light dance across its surface and through its inner world, capturing a moment in time.